Party Bus Red Deer  

Party bus services and Limo Bus Rental


Party bus service and limo bus rentals, are the latest trend in transportation

Luxury and affordability are the top reasons for a limousine and a party bus.

Party Bus Red Deer provide you and your friends a safe place to host your own parties.

  • All you have to do is board, have a pleasant ride, and party all night. The ride will come and pick you; Take you to wherever you wish to go; will wait for you; and bring you back. This amounts to total convenience,

  • Good occasions always call for a drink or two; but drinking and driving can make you and the others on the road vulnerable to accidents. And avoiding drinks when all your friends are around can be quite a predicament. So, what do you do to be safe? You rent a party bus, so that you are not behind the wheel and prevents DUI's, for those hard core party people in the group.


They’re incredibly affordable, and still edgily stylish. It is sure a rage when it comes to students and youngsters, especially the ones going to prom.

  • If you are going for a big occasion with a group, party buses are rather economical choices for when the rent is shared.

  • When you do the math, the share comes to be even lesser that what you may have spent on taking your own car for the occasion. If you add up the taxi fares or gas expenses, they will turn out to be much more than what you will end up paying as your share as the carpool amount.


Party buses


  • Book Our 16 passenger Limo bus for discrete smaller parties.

  • Book a 20 passenger Vegas style party bus for those parties where larger groups wish to gather. What happens in the limo stays in the limo. We supply the Amazing sound system, Fiber optic party lights, a Host if necessary and, a stationary  pole, sometimes referred to as a dance pole.

  • A 20 passenger Party bus with a washroom may be perfect for longer parties.

  • The sound systems are Syncable to modern music devices so you can select and play all your favorite music at the sound level you desire.


We do not offer a pink party bus. 

16 passenger Limo bus
Inside 16 passenger limo bus
16 passenger party bus beverage station
Rear view of 16 passenger Limo bus
Party bus Red Deer 20  passenger limo bus
Dance area with pole and washroom
Outside view of 20 passenger Party bus