Red deer Limousine service with a Party bus and a Limo bus

Christmas Lights Tour 

Clarification notice just confirmed with the office of Jason Kenney and confirmed with Red Deer RCMP

Covid 19 new restrictions allows for members of the same house hold to rent a limousine or party bus. If more than one family would like to attend the same light tour separate limousines would be required. As this is the new Alberta restrictions We will offer special rates for multiple vehicles to convoy on Light Tours.


When attending Businesses with Light shows please adhere to the provincial mandatory distancing and mask policy and wash your hands when outside the limousine.


Please call us at 403-346-0034 for the discounted rates

Create your own light tour or follow the Red Deer Light tour route. from the Red Deer Advocate

red deer christmas lights tour.jpg

Highlight of the Light Tour include:

Red Deer City Hall and Park

Johnstone: Jade Pl, Jones Cr, Jordan Pkwy (2), Jaspar Cr (2), Jenner Cr (2).

Kentwood: Kilburn Crescent, Kendrew Drive, Kirkland Drive, Kentwood Drive.

Glendale: Glendale Boulevard, Gunn Street, 71 Street.

Normandeau: Nyberg Avenue, Noble Avenue, 76 Street, Nordegg Crescent, Norton Avenue.

Riverside Meadows: 60 Street, 60 Avenue.

Highland Green: Hill Crescent, Halladay Avenue, 66 Street Close, 63 Street, Humber Close.

Oriole Park: Oleander Dr, Ohio Cl, Orwell Cl, Oxbow St, Odell Gr, Oates Gr, Oakley Cl.

Fairview: Fern Road, Freemont Crescent, Fairway Avenue. West Park: Wells St, Wilkins Gr, Wilson Cr, Welton Cr, 35 St, 36 St.

Bower: Baines Crescent, Baird Street, Barrett Drive (2, east & south).

Sunnybrook: Spencer Street, Sherwood Crescent (Corner), Stirling Close.

Deer Park: Dixon Crescent, Dunning Crescent, Deschner Close, Dynes Street (2), Dodge Avenue (3), Doran Crescent, Dickenson Crescent.

Eastview: Edgington Close, 35A Avenue, Edwards Crescent, Excell Street, Eline Street, Elwell Avenue, Elliot Crescent, Ellenwood Drive, Everitt Crescent, Terrace Park.